A dedicated organisation working in collaboration with local communities to preserve endangered wildlife.  


About us

Izak Smit is a business man and freelance chopper pilot. He has worked in Aid Relief and charter flying before relocating from South Africa to Namibia, where his energy is spent predominantly on campaigning for DeLHRA. 

Inki Mandt, Izak’s wife, is a renowned nature photographer who regularly exhibits her work in Namibia and abroad. Her passion for big cats is unparalleled. See Inki's work here.

Martin Bacsak is a business man from Cape Town who has spent more than 30 years traversing the African continent, working on various projects with his wife Claudia and recently their Staffie, Oscar. 

Claudia Bacsak, having been raised in Zimbabwe is a nature lover and has been a driving force behind the remarkable work done by DeHLRA. 

Together, they are constantly pushing forward to find new solutions to save the lions, or even just, to bide them time.

By supporting the organisation, you are directly contributing to the preservation of the specially protected desert lions as well as the livelihood of local farming communities.


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